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"Focker-Uppers" Is Thumbs Up!

“Spidey Mike” Rebuts 2011 Inner Circle Show

The Mayor as "Spidey Mike" in his musical rebuttal.

“Meet the Focker-Uppers.” a mildly controversial but always playful parody of politics and government, was met with applause and praise at the 2011 Inner Circle performance, March 26.

Many in the audience ranked it among the best Inner Circle shows in memory.  And the rebuttal by Mayor Michael Bloomberg continued the parade of hits.

The chorus belts out "Two More Years" at the end of Act 1.

Inner Circle cast on stage at Saturday night's hit performance.

Decked out in a Spiderman costume, the mayor “flew” onto the stage. Then, he and the cast of the Broadway musical “Momma Mia” performed several scenes in what they called “Mayor Mia.” And in a good-humored rebuttal, in his closing lines the mayor quipped that the Inner Circle were those “little fockers!”

(Photos by Marvin Scott)

Inside the Inner Circle:

*Hank Walter,  Lynne White and Shelly Strickler

offer their thoughts after this year’s  final curtain

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