American Political Tribal Leader Mike Bloomberg, his deputies and loyal supporters.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg, assisted by the Broadway cast of the hit revival “Hair,” presented a hallucinogenic rebuttal to the 2010 Inner Circle Show.

Changing the name to “Mair,” the mayor portrayed himself as the leader of a tribe of long-haired, trippy college kids in his hometown of Medford, MA. In songs and dances from the 60s musical, they outlined the future mayor’s goals and philosophy: make money, be smart and efficient and watch your salt intake!

Psychedelic Mike even attempted to take a “trip,” but the hallucinogens weren’t strong enough to overtake his straight-and-narrow will. But the Broadway cast managed to cut loose, singing and jumping into the preferred-seating section of the audience, dancing on top of tables, and getting even a few of the Saturday night crowd to let their own hair down.

Psychedelic Mike gets groovy during his rebuttal.

It was Bloomberg’s ninth rebuttal to the Inner Circle.

“MAIR” capped off another successful show night for The Inner Circle.

The IC’s own production, “Trilite – Bloomberg Bites,” was a spoof in which the mayor is a vampire-like creature who can’t stop running for elected office. The show was cheered and declared a wild success by the Friday-night dress rehearsal crowd.

On Saturday night, as one long-time observer noted, even the fat-cat guests’ ice cubes never seemed to melt. Some things never change.

Please click here to see photos from this year’s show.

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