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Inner Circle’s Kirstin Cole Marries in Italy


IC’s Kirstin Cole and Rocco Vozza after their “I dos”

It was a fairytale once-in-a-lifetime experience attending the July 26th, 2015 wedding of Inner Circle member Kirstin Cole and her handsome prince, Rocco Vozza.  Kirstin was every bit a beautiful princess, beaming with endless joy. The wedding was set against the magnificent Sea of Naples/Mediterranean Sea at the old-world charming San Michele Hotel in Anacapri.


Anacapri on the Isle of Capri, Italy


Inner Circle members, Polly Kreisman, Magee Hickey, me, and Inner Circle musical director, Kathy Beaver had the time of our lives, eating, dancing, laughing and loving every minute of three nights of partying culminating in the glorious wedding.



The Inner Circle delegation: Magee Hickey, Polly Kreisman, Shelly Strickler and Kathy Beaver


At the rehearsal dinner, we had a ball serenading Kirstin (in a variation of an Italian tradition) with “That’s Amore” adding a touch of original lyrics.

When on our own, the adventures and mis-adventures (all with happy endings) exploring Capri and the Amalfi Coast were experiences never to be forgotten.

Magee’s luggage did not arrive in Capri until the day she left. So, Magee and Polly headed to an Anacapri shop where they had a ball trying on dresses. In fact, Polly bought a dress similar to Magee’s for the rehearsal dinner and they both looked stunning. Amazing how bad experiences can turn out well.  11694057_10205760668630543_8954382551950113770_n



And then there was me, who while loving the funicular ride up the side of Anacapri and taking in the most fantastic views, decided to turn to take a photo of my husband, Larry, in the cable chair behind me. As I turned, my pocketbook (with everything in it)  slipped from my shoulder and dropped below.





Funiculi, funicula, funiculi, funicula….


Shelly and her other hero, Larry Strickler

When we got to the top, a worker, who is now “my

hero” scrambled down the rocky terrain, retrieved it, climbed a ladder pole, jumped into an empty cable chair and brought it back to me. Larry gave him a healthy tip. He seemed happier than we did.

Kathy, Polly and Magee have an unmatched adventurous spirit and stamina. I elected not to go on the challenging hikes they took. But they returned from each foray looking great and energized.


Tutte le donne sono belle


Kirstin and Rocco were amazing and gracious hosts who arranged a fabulous day at a grotto-like beach plus three parties including the wedding. Kathy sang a beautiful rendition of ‘When I Fall in Love”  (WATCH here) to the bride and groom.

Kathy also sang “Amazing Grace” during the ceremony accompanied by Magee on the flute

At one of the parties, their little son, Luca, danced to beat the band.  At the wedding, Kirstin and Rocco recited emotional vows to one another.  And beautiful 13 year old daughter, Andie’s remarks, were poetic and touching.

We were all honored and thrilled to be part of the Cole/Vozza wedding and wish Kirstin, Rocco, Andie and Luca blessings and every happiness in the years ahead.


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