• We Will See You in 2021!


    Thank you for your patience as we took the time to review our options for the Inner Circle Show. For nearly 100 years, our annual event has raised much-needed funds for local charities. This year, we’re taking a pause to allow our beautiful city to stay inside and #FlattenTheCurve.


    We will not be gathering together to celebrate in person this year, but we know you’ll make next year’s show the best one yet. Meanwhile, your continued support during this unprecedented time allows us to carry on our mission. Click here to support us.


    And stay tuned as we explore ways to provide a virtual glimpse into what we were working on this year!


    Stay safe. Stay healthy. We’ll see you next year!

"Preoccupied" Cover Kicks off ‘Hell Week’

“Whose program cover?”   “Our program cover!”













Borrowing a line from the opening chorus of Act One of “Preoccupied,” the Inner Circle is ready and pumped to perform in just a few days.

It’s “hell week,” the final week of rehearsals. But it’s made a little bearable by another wonderful cover by artist Randy Jones. The 2012 tableau is chock-a-block with caricatures of politicians, celebrities, and the visual cast of this year’s theme: the political hijinks that turned Zuccotti Park into Wall Street’s version of a three-ring circus. It all comes to a hilarious high on show night,  Saturday, March 31.



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