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R.I.P. Inner Circle Member Gerald McKelvey

Gerald McKelvey

Gerald McKelvey

A memorial service for Gerald McKelvey (IC ’84) will take place, Thursday, March 26, at 10AM and at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, 145 West 46th Street. Gerry died March 16 after a long illness.

Gerry distinguished himself in many ways. He was highly regarded for his expertise in PR crisis management and earlier was  top crime reporter for several newspapers.

For more than 30 years with the Inner Circle, Gerry didn’t care much for being on stage, but backstage he always lent a hand and starred as a top seller of tables.

Years after his newsroom days at The Philadelphia Inquirer and Newsday, Gerry personified the “Newspaper Man,” with a cigarette in one hand and an editor’s pencil in the other. But underneath it all, he was a total professional, a kind person, and a lover of opera and travel.

Before his recent retirement, Gerry spent 16 years with Rubenstein Associates and eight years before that as spokesperson for Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau. He sometimes would place himself in “perp walks,” escorting rapper L’il Kim, inside trader Sam Waksal and many others in and out of proceedings at 60 Centre St.

At Rubenstein, he specialized in crisis management, litigation, governmental and legal affairs. “Some would find this work nerve-wracking and overly complicated,” said a Rubenstein executive. “But Gerald enjoyed the media tumult and complexity of such issues.”

Inner Circle President Henry Goldman said Gerry would be “sorely missed by all of us as a friend and contributor” to the organization. He will be remembered in a tribute to all recently departed members at this year’s show on March 28.

Gerry leaves behind his wife Maria-Liisa and a son and daughter.


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