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Umbrella Day at CitiField

11412126_10203267469562484_5682400783212900940_nThe Inner Circle’s 2015 baseball outing started out wet but ended historic.

About 40 members, spouses and friends braved rain and wet seats at Citifield in Flushing on June 27 as the Mets and Cincinnati Reds tried to do battle.

The game was stopped in the seventh inning, and ticket holders were told they could exchange their tickets for comparable seats for the next day. The rain-delayed game would be continued, and then fans could stay for the regularly scheduled game. And, the music concert with The Steve Miller Band, originally set for Saturday, would take place after the Sunday game.

It’s not clear how many from the Inner Circle team came back for the make-up. But one Mets fan filed this report:

First we saw Harvey10462895_10203267469802490_1180945174418762005_n

And we all nearly died

When the rain kept falling

And the game was stopped, tied


We saw the whole bullpen

The very next day

When the tickets were honored11666177_10206643307499942_426591901410459052_n

And they continued to play


When we saw Parnell

The Mets led after 12

The Reds did nothing

And the win made us yell


But then we saw something11698592_10203267471042521_2523154726336203470_n

In the scheduled game, 

A pitcher’s debut

And a moment of fame


We saw young Matz

And his horrible start

But he soon settled down

And tore Cincy apart11709511_10203267471162524_7121317481940962450_n


We saw him pitch seven:

 5 hits, and 6 Ks

At bat, even better

3 hits, 4 runs –  what a day!




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