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We’re Gonna be in the Room Where It Happens


Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of Broadway’s “Hamilton” and 2016 Inner Circle President Andrew Siff ham it up for “Shamilton.”


Mayor Bill and Lin-Manuel Miranda backstage at “Hamilton.”

It’s here. The spectacular two-night run of  the 2016 production of the Inner Circle.

And just like its inspiration, “Hamilton,” our “Shamilton” is a mega hit.

Dress Rehearsal, April 8:  SRO!

Show night, April 9: SOLD OUT!

Mayor Bill de Blasio is set too with what will be his third rebuttal.

What will his act be? “That’s off topic.”

But Las Vegas odds-makers, as well as StubHub, are putting money on some kind of appearance by a certain Broadway musical star in a show whose title is similar to ours.

Disreputable sources are also speculating the mayor will do a number with a chorus line of “Sand Hogs” tossing water lilies at his feet in a video shot inside Water Tunnel #3. But the City Hall press office had conflicting comments.

After weeks of writing, staging and rehearsing the Inner Circle troupe is ready to hit the boards.

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