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John Slattery, 2010 IC President and Veteran Reporter, Dies at 63


John Slattery

Inner Circle members are mourning the loss of John Slattery (IC’88) along with other mourners, including family, colleagues, newsmakers and journalists.

John was a mainstay in our shows for 25 years.  His solemn, dignified bearing fit perfectly in roles as Pope or cardinal, and his down-home twang and easy country rhythm made him a natural as “Elvis” and President George W. Bush show after show. No matter the part, “Slats” always had a glint in his eyes when he fired a well-crafted zinger at a politician or other headline –maker.

Watch John Slattery perform in the 2010 show, “Trilite Bloomberg Bites.” Click here: http://bit.ly/1DA2icW


John Slattery performing in the 2010 IC show, “Trilite Bloomberg Bites.” That year he was President.

Watch John Slattery as Vladimir Putin in our 2014 show, “Stuck with de Bill.”  Move the play bar to 1:07:14  for that number.  CLICK:  http://bit.ly/1rglmc9


John Slattery as Vladimir Putin in “Stuck with de Bill.”


“His Holiness” John Slattery backstage with Bill Thompson.

IC President Beth Karas spoke for us all: “Every year John lit up the stage at Inner Circle performances. He was a kind, compassionate, and faithful friend to all of us, and will be deeply missed.”


Backstage with Mayor Bill de Blasio.









John and friend, Polly Kreisman.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said: “New York City has lost a great journalist. Our thoughts and prayers are with John Slattery’s family and his colleagues at CBS.”Off-stage, John was always helpful and welcoming to new members. He also contributed his wit and keen visual sense, developed over 40 years as a top TV news reporter, to the writing committee.

“During his nearly 30-year career at WCBS,” said Peter Dunn, President of CBS Television Station, “he was great at reporting the news and was someone we counted on to cover big stories for us, both here in New York and around the world.”

John reported on all kinds of stories during those years at WCBS-TV, Channel 2; and before that for five years at WABC-TV Channel  7.

Stories about crime, politics, education and blizzards were regularly done well by John. His coverage of the murder of John Lennon, subway-shooter Bernie Goetz, Sept. 11, Flight 1549 the “Miracle on the Hudson,” and Superstorm Sandy were outstanding.

Inner Circle members have many memories of John.

“John was as persistent in helping write the Inner Circle show as he was in his reporting, never willing to let a joke drop out if he believed it was funny,” remembered Larry Sutton. “And despite years of Catholic school education, he didn’t mind portraying a risque character or two if he thought it would get a laugh. He enjoyed the organization, and we certainly enjoyed John.”

“John was a class act. He brought brilliant talent to every role he played,” said Chris Olert.  “He adored his grandchildren, and he will be sorely missed by every Inner Circle member and everyone who ever bought a ticket to our show.”

Tony Guida: “He was kind, supportive. Always. He was interested in your life, your family.”


Program cover when John Slattery was Inner Circle President.
2010’s “Trilite, Bloomberg Bites.”

Watch John Slattery as “Elvis” in 1994’s “It’s Howdy Rudy Time.” Click here and go to 25:25  http://bit.ly/1vjY8Bg

But more than all else,  John was devoted to his faith and his family. His wife, Suzie, their three children, Kathleen, Patrick and Meghan, and their three grandchildren.

He was 63 years old.

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