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    While we weren’t able to put on an in-person show this year due to the pandemic, The Inner Circle simply could not allow this beautiful mess of a mayoral primary to go by without us.



    So, we’ve thrown together a brief virtual show — just a couple of songs, a little chance for some of us to say hello and crack a few jokes about this year’s mayoral race.


    Our virtual show will debut at 7 p.m. on Saturday, June 12, 2021 — but you can get your ticket NOW here and we hope you will! In exchange for your ticket payment you’ll receive a link to our show.





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  1. I wrote some parodies and would like to find a way to share with more than just my friends. Do you use material created by others or can you put me in touch with others who might. I do this for my own sanity and am NOT a professional. Here’s my latest to tune of battle of new orleans:

    title: Make America great for all, 7 Jan 2020

    Its 2020, we’re on a special trip
    Along with Captain Bonespur; he could really sink the ship
    He took a little hatred and stirred up a lot of mean
    Now we’ve got the biggest liar that the world has ever seen!

    He fires his mouth and the insults keep a comin’
    Our leaders arent’ the statesmen that we had so long ago
    He tweets again; Re publi cans start runnin’
    And that southern border wall won’t be paid by Mexico

    yeah the stock market’s up and fed rates have been droppin
    the rich got their tax cuts and now we’re all stuck with the bill
    more fires and quakes with glaciers disappearin’
    floods up the Mississippi spreading all a round the world

    trump fires off tweets and the Russians keep on laughin’
    Ameri ca led the world and that wasn’t long ago
    Con fus ion and self-serving politicians
    Breed anger, hate and fear that threatens all de mocracies

    tv in the mornings and new schemes every evening
    golfin’ on the weekends; makin’ money every round
    no ex perts left; doesn’t bother with his briefings
    so can he run a nation or just play an orange haired clown?

    we have a choice ‘bout the future of our nation
    our founders worked things out; the consti tution is our guide
    we must have facts for informed conversation
    real journalists seek out truth cable pundits just talk smack

    A ttacks will be nasty To con fuse and divide us
    Inflame drama and emotions; the likes we’ve never seen
    Re pub li cans are a fraid of non white voters
    Stand up to pow’r and money; let’s Make America Great for all!

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  17. I have an original 1954 Program and Seating list (Junior Frolics) fro John C Melady City Hall AP reporter. Can you use it?

  18. Linda P. O'Leary

    I have a set of IC cufflinks and matching clip that belonged to my father-in-law James F.O’Leary late press secretary to Hogan. Any ideas as to how to donate them appreciated.

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