The Inner Circle is a major donor to journalistic and educational charities, including PressPass NYC , the Inner Circle Fellows program at The City College of New York campus of CUNY, and  Education Through Music.

Press Pass NYC provides public schools in New York City with resources to start and sustain student journalism programs. Inner Circle members also serve as mentors and advisors to PressPass NYC students. Our contributions have helped to nearly double the number of active student newspapers in the city, including great student news sites like Grover Cleveland High School’s The Cleveland Chronicles.

The Inner Circle Fellows program at The City College of New York is part of an expanding effort by our organization to help nurture and guide new and aspiring journalists within the City University of New York system, and beyond. The Inner Circle’s members, who are career journalists, serve as mentors and advisors to the Inner Circle fellows, as well as to the journalism program at CCNY.

One of our fellows was featured in a recent edition of City College Citybeat.

Our outreach efforts include Inner Circle members bringing groups of CCNY journalism students to City Hall for up-close, in-person experiences covering city government in print, television, online, and social media.

Education Through Music provides musical instruments and musical education to under-resourced New York City schools (which is to say virtually all of them). Through the support of The Inner Circle, ETM was able to expand its curriculum to schools in 2023, as well as provide musical instruments and other services in a vital area of development and growth for young people in the city.

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